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Logic Pro X Video Tutorials for remixers and mashup artists.

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Most Logic Pro X Video tutorials are generic and only scratch the surface for a "general" user. LogicProX.net goes into detail on how to use the powerful tools in Logic Pro X to create complex remixes.
  • Detailed How To Videos

    Show you step-by-step how to use Logic Pro X powerful features to create your next masterpiece remix.

  • I Share

    I will share some of my actual Logic Pro X files for you to dissect.  The fastest way to learn is to see how someone else has done it.

  • Are You Stuck?

    Ask me what you need help with and I will do my best to solve it!  I will likely create a video about it so everyone can benefit from the solution.

  • Plug-Ins

    How to use Logic’s powerful plugins as well as my favorite 3rd party plugins.  How to use them and where to find many of them free or cheap.

What We Will Cover +

  • How To Import Songs into Logic
  • Counting Music and Detecting Tempo
  • Sampling
  • Creating Apple Loops
  • Beat Creation
  • Voice Overs
  • Acapellas
  • Basic Mastering
  • Shortcuts
  • How to use plug-ins
  • Where to find good plug-ins cheap
  • Automation
  • Tempo
  • Where to find good plugins
  • How to manage a large  music library
  • Where to do music
  • Where to get acapellas
  • EQ
  • How to legally sell your remixes and mashups
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Members will drive the content.  I will teach you everything you need to know.

If you get stuck, you can ask for assistance.  I will then create a new video tutorial and post it for all members to benefit.

Full Disclosure

I am self-taught over 6 years using Logic Pro.  I specialize in complex remixes.

I make a full-time income serving my niche clients.

I have 2 full-time mixers working with me at Cheerleading-Music-Mix.com

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